Hello, I'm Yana Levy

I've been a photographer for 18 years, shooting for international magazines, news agencies and personal photo shoots . During this time I have met many women who told me that they are not model material, they aren't photogenic, beautiful or overweight. 

‌ Now some of these women grace  the pages of international fashion magazines and I couldn't be prouder. My goal is always to show to my clients how beautiful they are.


Moevir,  Malvie,  Eclair,  Faddy,  Horizont,  Style Cruze,  Gmaro,  Marika, Edith,  Feroce, Summers,  Imirage,  Like a Lion,  Luxia, Elegant, Fenth, Shuba,  and ect.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.