Studio Shooting

if you prefer comfort and are ashamed of the curious glances of passers-by, then a studio photo session is for you. I work only with the best studios in Israel, where there are all conditions for comfortable professional photography (dressing rooms, changing rooms, music, tea and coffee) and of course the best branded equipment.

Professional team

I work only with proven professionals who help me in creating the perfect image in order to reveal and emphasize the inner and outer beauty of every woman who comes to my shooting.Make-up artists, hairdressers, stylists, clothing designers are the best in their field in Israel.

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Service Name

Better Than Meditation

a photo session is not only beautiful pictures - it is a process that forces you to dive into creativity together with the photographer and disconnect from the outside world for this time. This is cooler than any meditation, because the shooting process is a kind of meditation on revealing femininity. And when you look at the photos and fall in love with yourself again, it will definitely positively affect your self-esteem and others will notice how you shine

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